Journey to the West – Day 1

Hello. It’s been a while. I’m here, updating about my recent trip in India. There’re some food or stuffs that i don’t quite know the name of it, so please bear with me or correct me if you know the exact word ! Thank You in advance!

Day 1 Malaysia -> Delhi

We arrived at Delhi in the evening. Flight there was quite unstable, as we had to flew through the sea , but overall it was fine. I must say the Malaysia Airlines has worsen a lot , in terms of service, and food. It was so so much better when i was younger. Oh by the way, the security check in india was very strict, so be prepared !

When we arrived we were greeted by a representative from our tour company, he then brought us to our hotel.  

Here’s a picture of our hotel : 


Hotel service was good, the buffet doesn’t have much choices but it was alright for us. Their food was fine. There isn’t much to do in the hotel. There’s only a standard chartered bank located opposite of it ,around the hotel are houses or hotels.

After checking in we decided to go on a walk at the GK-1 Market. It’s located just behind the hotel, reachable within a 15-20 minutes walk. The weather was good so the walk wasn’t tiring at all. You can asks the hotel management for the directions. If i ‘m not mistaken, just go on your left after you left the hotel until you reach the traffic light . Then turn left again and the market will either be at your right or left. You will see a crowd there anyway.



The market is quite similar to our very own Masjid India. There’s Levis , Dunkin Donuts, KFC , United Colors of Benetton there. There’s a few decent mini market there, don’t forget to get your mineral waters there as they don’t really sell it in the hotel . (Just in case you’re staying at Madhuban) 



People queuing up for food.


The street,






 Craftman making jewelleries . There’s a few of them along the street. Not sure whether they’re from the same company or not.






This uncle’s business quite good because i saw a few of them queuing up beside his mini cart. One of them even asked me to try it and said that it’s good. I didn’t dare because i’m afraid that my sensitive tummy couldn’t take it.


You will see similar parks like that around India . There are some who treated it as their shelter. Some even bathe in there. 


I must say they didn’t quite follow what the board says.


India have been getting some serious attention when the rape case  spread out.


After strolling around the market for approximately an hour, we headed back to our hotel.

Along the road: 


Some very beautiful looking house.



We came across quite a few bikes like that selling brooms and mops along the way. 




This very cool store.

There’s a variety of channels for you in the hotel.  Tv channels i mean (Star World, ESPN , AXN , Disney , Cartoon Network , CBS, Fox , Zee , and more.) 


Our supper of the night:


Papadum ! Yum 🙂 It’s different than the one we have in Malaysia , so give it a try ! ImageImage

Toilet signs that was quite amusing. Image


And that’s all for my first day in India. Will update quite soon !

FYI , we followed a private tour just for our family. And i also recommend that because on the way back from India to KL , we came across a few travelling group , almost all of them were complaining about their unpleasant trip.  There’s a driver that brings us everywhere.


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