Receiving a fake note.

As i mentioned before, i was working during my summer holiday. And one fine day my colleague came across this fake note. Would like to share this experience to others so that the same thing would not happen to them.



Looks super real right ? But the texture is a little different. Slightly thinner than the real one.




Notice this part of the money. It’s written there RM 10 instead of RM 100.

So basically this is what really happened.

The money maker cut out the shiny part of the money from a RM 10 note and pasted it on a RM 100 fake note that he made. That means now Malaysia has a shortage of one( or more ) RM 10 real note ! 




The saddest part is , well my colleague was really busy serving the customers that time and only noticed this when the shop is closed. In the end she has to pay with her own money. And the fake note ? For freshman training yo.


Lesson learnt ! 

Day by Day

我想要的,只是一班知心朋友。至少让我不感到孤单。别 忽视我,别把我丢弃。别讨厌我,其实我真的很脆弱。 我想要的,却不曾得到过。都是我的错 。黑夜降临,我又泪了。