Journey to the West – Day 3

Day 3 Jaipur

After we had our breakfast we visited the Amber Fort. It’s located on top of the hill, therefore in order to get up there you have to ride an elephant or by jeep. Personally recommend those who are visiting the fort to go buy elephant. You will see India in a different view. Although, i’m quite against elephant ride, as it is not good for their backbone you see, but as far as i know, the authorities there only allow the elephants work till noon. So i guess it is alright ?

Adapted from Wikipedia. 

Amer Fort (Hindi: आमेर क़िला, also spelled and pronounced as Amber Fort) is located in Amer (a town with an area of 4 square kilometres (1.5 sq mi)[1]), 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) from JaipurRajasthan stateIndia. It is one of the principal tourist attractions in the Jaipur area, located high on a hill.[2][3]Amer Fort was built by Raja Man Singh I. Amer Fort is known for its artistic style, blending both Hinduand Rajput elements. With its large ramparts, series of gates and cobbled paths, the fort overlooks the Maota Lake, at its forefront.[3][4][5][6][7]

As i mentioned, the elephants only work till noon, when we reach the queue for the ride is already very long. When i say long it isn’t like those you get when you visit a theme park.


Part of the queue, taken by my brother during the elephant ride. I didn’t really get to hold the camera. It was too shaky, and i was a little scared. Haha. I thought i was going to fall off. Can’t really use words to describe that feeling, but i didn’t regret overall.



You will encounter several kids or adults selling you stuffs, souvenir , it’s something that looks like their king’s turban.


On the way up !




They painted their elephant colorfully, different elephant has different designs.


The journey takes about 5+ minutes.


And you will enter through the Suraj Pole(Sun Gate) and to the main courtyard. According to Wikipedia this is the place where armies would hold victory parades with their war bounty on their return from battles.


The parade will be witnessed by the Royal family women folk through this. It’s called the latticed windows. 



It’s now used as elephant ride drop off area. The “sifu” of the elephant ride will asks you for tips, it’s up to you whether you give them or not. But there’s actually a board there saying no tipping. And the “sifu” will get aggressive(verbally) asking you for tips if you don’t plan to give it to them. But i would advice, maybe a little ? If you have extra notes? They don’t really earn much from what they are doing.


This is called the Ganesh Gate, which is named after the Hindu god Lord Ganesh.  Up there as you can see is the latticed window i mentioned above.




A panorama view of opposite the fort.


Next you will come across this. This is called the mirror palace.


We weren’t allowed to enter the palace and so these photos are taken from the outside.

Multi-mirrored ceilings and glass inlaid panels all over the palace. Mirrors are convex in shape and designed with colored foil and paint which would glitter bright under candle nights at that time.  My tour guide mentioned that he had seen it before, and it’s really breathtaking. He said they used to show it to the tourists, until someone violated their rules.

Walls are made of marble so it’s really cooling in there, great for summer!  I really admire their wisdom, their intelligence.



He also mentioned that there used to be gems that fill the holes on the wall, but during the war the gems were taken away.



The exterior.


On the outside you will find this garden. Channels are built with marble, there join the star shaped fountain in the middle of the garden.


What about this ?

I shall let you guess haha!

Answer will be revealed at the end of the post.


Along the way i encountered this.  Thought it was for punishment, you know.. those really cruel punishment for prisoners…

But this ? No worries. I was wrong. My tour guide told me that it’s used as a cooking pot. Yes, for the people in the palace. It’s really huge! Maybe it’s not so obvious in here.




If you happen to be in Jaipur i would recommend this place. There’s really a lot to see. Oh and i forgot to mention, you need to pay to visit the inner part of the palace- mirror palace, the garden, the beautiful Ganesh gate, or else you will only stop at the main courtyard. I apologize that i don’t know the price of the ticket, as it’s all included in my tour package.

Our next destination was the Hawa Mahal, which is situated in the middle of a busy market and we had to remain in the car. As such i didn’t get the chance to snap a decent photo of it .


The Hawa Mahal is also called as Palace of winds, having the same concept as latticed window, which is used for royal women to observe the daily life in the street. It’s like a huge television, where the one who watched the TV will not be seen.  Also due to it’s honeycomb design, it provides cool air by venturi effect, air conditioning the surroundings during summer and therefore the name, Palace of winds.

Next we headed to the City Palace, City Palace Museum, Chandra Mahal and Shri Govind Deo Temple.

Inside of the museum you will see different clothing designs of the royal family, army and the olden days people.

Today, the City Palace is also used as a wedding venue. When we arrived we saw people preparing for a wedding that will be held later that day. Didn’t really take much pictures as i wasn’t really interested to it. After seeing what i saw in the morning, City Palace looks just like another building to me. But the inner City Palace is a must see as you will witness the Hall of Public Audience, where you will get to see paintings, and the seat of Maharaja. Oh and also they have this place where craftman or their apprentice who helped to build the palace, were gathered, selling their art pieces and showing their skills to the tourist. Those who are into art and crafts should visit there!


By the way, photographers should take note of this. Can you see the guy in orange in the picture above? Well think twice before taking pictures in India. Most of them work as “models” for you to photograph? And of course you will have to pay them. After taking this picture the guy in orange was asking me for money, i was so scared that i nearly run away. But there were 2 photographers beside me who did the same thing, but braver, in a sense that they stood really near to photograph him, and they almost ended up fighting. Saw one of the tourist encountered the same thing as well at Amber Fort, the lady he shot was asking him for money, and kept following the tourist but the tourist didn’t give her any.

I don’t know whether they are allowed to do that to us or not, but if they really ask for it just either give them or stop shooting and walk away. Don’t end up in a fight! or quarrel! Plus it’s our fault in the first place, we shouldn’t be shooting them like that.


We also visited this park nearby, i don’t know what it’s called.


Here you will see the intelligence of India, how they calculate time, horoscope in the olden days.


And my mummy who’s a big fan of lassi(me too) requested the tour guide to bring to the best lassi place.  It’s very very worth it!! It’s not pricey, few cents for Malaysian ringgit, but the taste, is GREAT! And they only serve the original ones, unlike over here in Malaysia, there’s plenty of artificial choices(which i don’t quite like too) The taste is totally different than the ones we will get in mamak store. Served in a clay cup, so after drinking you will have to leave the cup right outside the shop, as you won’t have the chance the get in. The business is so good and also very very crowded!! One of my most satisfied part in my India trip. Definitely not a place a tour bus would take you to( and i hope they don’t commercialized it, as you know, nothing stays the same after getting famous. Most do not stay the same =( Quite saddening eh?).



And this is how i ended my day.


Okay so i asked a question above, regarding the usage of that “empty area”.

The answer is ……………………………………SWIMMING POOL.

Yes i was shocked too. The royals really know how to enjoy life? And that’s a pretty cool swimming pool too but how are they going to filter the water? hmmm.



It’s getting late now i should go.