Areum Lee no longer a T-ara member!

T-ara’s Queens! Have you heard about it? Recently it was announced that Aereum Lee will no longer be a part of T-ara. She’s going solo to pursue her hip hop dream and for a higher opportunity in acting(sounds familiar hmm….).

It’s a pretty sad news for some of the Queens! Just when they’re about to accept her as part of the T-ara girls group and now(thanks to CEO) breaking their hearts. She has been great thou you can tell that sometimes she’s a little awkward and shy(she’s new anyway) but oh well. Guess we have to just go with it. =( But we can still support her as a solo artist ! Like what happened to Jaypark(former 2pm idol). He’s doing great on his own!

SO… Will Dani replace Areum as part of the T-ara N4 member and also T-ara?


Are there any hidden story / story behind this sudden quit?

I don’t know. We will never know i guess. The entertainment world, a complex one.

Here’s the video about the quit! Check it out if you haven’t watch it!

I have also made several GIF, if you’re interested head over to my tumblr =)

My tumblr :

For GIF request you may post it at my Tumblr “ask” section. Thank you!

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